Services Testimonials

Rene, Robert and Goofy
Any Suggestions?
"How can one suggest anything to improve perfection?"
"Initially we were apprehensive because of Goofy's age but Elite K9 handled her age perfectly.
"Thanks to you, we will be able to travel with piece of mind we never dreamt possible. Thank you."

HI, MY NAME IS GREG, I was 29 years old when my car was hit from the rear at a red light. Along with other injuries later on, I had a total of 16 surgeries. I am confined to a wheelchair and can not even pick up anything I drop.

I was desperate! I looked for a service dog organization and found that the four biggest corporations told me that it would take at least 7 to 9 years and they would not train MY dog. I was in a wheelchair, living on disability with a young son and could not pay the large fee even if they could find me a dog. I called a couple of other disabled people with dogs and asked for help. They gave me a web site with national certified trainers that would train MY dog.
There was only one in Florida that was certified to train service dogs. I called them and a life saver named Nick answered. We talked and I told him about my life

Before having Elite K9 Academy in my life, I would not even leave my home. But now, with Boomer, I can go anywhere!!! Elite K9 Academy and Margaret have done an amazing job of training Boomer and me. Boomer does even more than what I asked them to teach him and I will never be able to thank them for what they gave me, but they will always have my love and respect. I could go on and on!!

June, 2006

The dogs continue to do wonderfully. The people at work, from the administration, my co-workers, to the clients, are all amazed at how well behaved they are. The people in my building say that they are not aware there are dogs in the building until they see me going through the halls with them because they do not hear them at all; they are not allowed to bark at work (my rule). I have already had a few wonderful experiences in which the dogs have come to my aide. . . . It is amazing the security I feel to have them with me and how their presence just calms me down instead of my getting more anxious.
I am grateful for all you all have done for me and the dogs. The way the dogs behave and listen to their commands show the amount of time and dedication that went into their training. They try to challenge me and see if they can get away with things, but it is not allowed. We are all pleased with them. My parents are happy that they settle down and can sit still and be quiet.
Amy, Princess and Mustang.
April 6, 2008

Update 4-20-08
The dogs continue to do great. They are so much fun and it is a pleasure to take them anywhere I go because they are so well behaved. I get so many different comments it is a wonderful feeling.

Nick's Note: Amy had her two dogs trained to be Service Dogs and to be with her at all times. She needed to control her wheelchair while wheeling with the dogs, so we had to put both dogs on a coupler on the side away from her wheelchair controls.

It was a perfect experience for all of us! We have already sent folks to you and will continue to do so. We love you both! Thanks to you, we have truly changed our lives for the better. :)

-Patti and Benji

We are more than satisfied with the careful and educational training of both our service dog and our selves.

-Robert and Lincoln

Ginny and Anna
Is there anything you think should have been done differently?
"I would not change a thing. I am amazed and so are my friends & family.
Any suggestions?
"No, the trainer helped me understand my dog's actions. The last trainer was afraid of my dog. My dog was licking your trainer by lesson 2; the other trainer still would not pet her after 7 lessons.
"Your trainer was great. He was able to read my dog's body language and did more in 6 lessons than I could doin six months. I did not think it would be possible."

Jennifer and Remi
Any Suggestions?
"Nick really needs to record his voice and sell it to his customers."
"Had a wonderful experience. Thank you for everything."

Barbara and Maggie
A very pleasant learning experience -- both for the dog and the owners."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Victor and Sophie
"Great Experience, became part of the family."

Kelsey and Bear
Any suggestions:
"Stay amazing!"
"You are awesome! You wear my favorite color and are always kind."

Cynthia and Healer
Any suggestions:
"Perfect the way it is."
"Above and beyond customer care. I am a better person because of them."

Suellen and Bentley
"Great training for our 3 yr. old lab. Loved Sat. sessions with service dogs training."

Joy and Belou
"Loved every minute - So proud of Belou."

Nell and Cane
"I am extremely amazed by how well Cane was trained. I am very happy and would definitely recommend Elite K9."

Muriel and Abbie
"Think it worked well. Great experience! Learned a lot. So friendly. Loved your service. Saw results. We have more work to do with Abbie but you gave us the tools. Will call again when we have questions or help needs."